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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

reduce reuse recycle

Reuse those glass jars

You already bought them...might as well use them:) Some of the glass jars that I reuse are; baby food jars, juice jars, and my husband's mocha drink jars (like Starbucks mochas you can buy at the store)

The baby food jars make excellent drinking cups for baby as he is transitioning from a bottle or sippy cup. They are the perfect size for little hands. They hold just enough liquid for him to get enough drink but it wont be too much of a mess if he spills. The jars are pretty durable and probably will not break, especially from his height:) Both of my nutbars use them on a daily basis. It is a great alternative to using plastic cups or sippy cups. I know they make them now BPA free, but I am still skeptical about using plastic for our food and drink products.
There are so many other things you can do with the jars. Save the lids and fill them with various odds and ends, like buttons, safety pins, or tacks. They are also great for holding spices. You could refill them with homemade baby food too.

You can use glass juice jars or the mocha jars to hold dried beans, lentils, rice, grains, spices, chocolate chips, nuts/seeds, coconut, honey and any other product you might purchase in the bulk section at the grocery store.

I have slowly been trying to get rid of all my plastics...plastic cups/sippy cups, plastic Tupperware, plastic baggies. So those glass jars are awesome! I also switched over from plastic Tupperware to glass Pyrex dishes, which come with plastic lids...however, the food is not touching the plastic (so that makes it ok, right?)

But don't just throw away your old plastics...put them with the outside toys and let the nutbars use them as their dishes for making mud pies or playing in the sandbox:)


  1. I saw this idea in Instyle... you take the jars and paint the bottom quarter of them with bright colored chalk paint... and then label & relabel them with chalk!

  2. I love that idea Kristina! That is way better then just labeling with a sharpie:)