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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

go bananas!

it's bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Just a little shopping secret, many of you probably know already. Find out if your grocery store offers discount bananas during the week. A lot of time they will offer the really ripe ones (which are not even that ripe most of the time) at a very low price. Fred Meyer offers their ripe bananas at 29 cents/lb, and they are most always organic *yay* They are usually located somewhere by the regular banana display. At Fred Meyer they are wrapped in red tape, so when you see them...stock up! I usually buy all that they have and freeze them. Just peel them, break them in half and freeze them in large ziplock bags or other container. Here is a short list of the ways we go bananas!

  • in smoothies (of course:)
  • banana bread/muffins
  • banana pancakes
  • just right out of the freezer like a popsicle
  • mash up a frozen one, add some honey, cinnamon, coconut, etc and you have instant healthy banana icecream
  • mash up a frozen one, let it thaw a bit and you have banana baby food
  • in many different raw dessert recipes
  • almond butter and banana sandwiches (with cinnamon sprinkled on top...delicious!)
  • dehydrated sliced bananas dipped in a honey glaze (haven't tried it yet, but sounds great)

...nothin' like a frozen banana to cool you off on a hot day...

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