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Sunday, May 9, 2010

pancakes and porridge

This week I tried a few new raw recipes from two blogs I really like...cinnamon banana pancakes from Veganlicious and breakfast porridge from Raw on $10 a Day...both turned out pretty good.

cinnamon banana pancakes:

We ALWAYS have whole wheat pancakes every Saturday morning with homemade whipped is a tradition that my nutbars look forward to every I wanted to keep the tradition going but try something new...this recipe seemed perfect. It was a little more work then I had thought. I should have planned ahead better and done a few things ahead of time, like grind the flax seeds and make the date paste. It was super easy to make though once I had all the ingredients together...I just mixed it all up with the kitchen aid mixer. The neat thing about raw pancakes is once your batter is made, you are done and ready to eat! I also really liked that the nutbars and I could form them easily into fun shapes! We added carob chips for a smiley face:)

Instead of regular whipped cream we had raw almond cream, which tasted way better then I had thought. To top it all off we had mixed berries and homemade chocolate sauce, which is just cocoa powder, honey and coconut yummy!

Although they were good, they just weren't quite enough like regular pancakes to satisfy the hubby wasn't too impressed. It was just different because of the texture and consistency. I dehydrated the leftovers and they came out like soft little cookies, which I thought tasted better, so next time I might try dehydrating them first, add the yummy toppings... and then eat them as pancakes.

breakfast porridge:

This one was pretty easy to make too. I did not have buckwheat groats so I used oat groats instead. I let them soak in the fridge over night, so in the morning I just drained/rinsed them put them in the food processor with the other ingredients and blended till smooth. I used honey instead of agave. This is another one of those great recipes that allows you to add just about anything you think will taste I added banana and coconut. The nutbars loved it because it had raisins:) It is sort of like oatmeal with a little different texture... it sure is a filling breakfast ( I almost didn't even need my mid morning snack:)

If there is any leftover from breakfast just add it to your blueberry green monster shake or any other shake you have created...that could be a full meal by itself.

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