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Monday, July 5, 2010

another sewing attempt

I decided to attempt another sewing adventure...cloth napkins. After fighting with my sewing maching for about an hour (I really should just take some lessons), I finally finished my first one! It's not the prettiest thing,'s a napkin. I figure something that is just gonna get smeared with bugars and peanut butter anyway, doesn't have to be pretty.

I sort of followed this tutorial. I just don't have the patience or desire to pre-wash and iron so, skipped that part. The main thing here is that they are usable, and best of all...they are reusable! Therefore, one more item I don't have to buy at the store...yay!

It saves me green and helps the earth stay why not?!

1 down...11 to go.

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  1. Love cloth napkins! :) When I was repacking my stuff, I came across a bunch from our wedding. When we finally move for real, I'm pulling them out and using them! Can't wait! I need to find some good material to make some handkerchiefs too!