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Sunday, April 25, 2010

why nutbars?

A couple of people have asked me why I call my kids nutbars. It all goes back to 1992 and two words...Waynes World. I was in junior high and my friend and I LOVED that movie! We pretty much had the entire movie memorized and would quote lines from the movie all the time. So in 1993 when Waynes World 2 came out, you can guess how excited I was to see it!
For those of you who haven't seeen it (shame on you:) Waynes World 2 is about Wayne and Garth putting on a concert called Wayne Stock. They hire Del Preston to help them. There is a scene in the movie where Del is training the roadies in bootcamp type scenarios:

At the end of the training he starts lecturing them but goes off topic...the dialogue from the scene is below:

Del Preston: (Goes off-topic from stage positioning) In the event of capture, I will distribute cyanide capsules which are to be placed under the tongue like so: (puts one under his tongue) Any questions?
Garth: I have a question: When exactly did you become a nutbar? (Wayne and Garth snigger)

So as you are picturing the scene in your head, I know you are thinking...HILARIOUS! I tried so hard to find the clip, but you'll just have to rent it to see for yourself. Ever since then I have loved that line, "when did you become a nutbar?" After having kids and realizing how crazy and silly they are, the word nutbar just seemed to fit perfectly for them. So now you have the story...and just for your enjoyment, here is one of the funniest clips from Waynes World 2.

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  1. and just so everyone knows...although, I still laugh when looking back at some of these clips, my taste in movies has definitely changed as an adult:)