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Thursday, April 22, 2010

blueberry green monster smoothie

I thought I would share with you another green monster drink I have been making for my nutbars and myself lately...a blueberry green monster. We usually will have this smoothie for our morning snack and have our regular green monster at night with dinner. This smoothie is a great way to add fruit into the equation...

1 cup frozen blueberries (or mixed berries)
1 banana, frozen or not
two handfuls of raw spinach and/or handful of kale
about 1-2 cups raw almond milk (or other milk product) or just water
1 t cinnamon

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Blend and enjoy! There are so many could add, coconut, carob chips, carob powder, other fruits or berries, nuts/seeds, almond butter, yogurt, granola. The list can go on and on so experiment to find what you and your nutbars like best. The great thing is...they don't even know there is spinach in it (well, unless they see you put it in) but it doesn't turn green, and it certainly doesn't taste like veggies. They will drink it up...and the best thing about this smoothie is...

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...the blueberry shake face on your nutbars afterward:)

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